Harm to the bees

Bees can be harmed in many ways.  Older wiser beekeepers than I am say the main threat to my bees is me.  For current external threats  read more…., about me, read on….

Many people have seen on-line videos and reports of hive products are removed from the bees.  Some, from other countries have shocked in terms of harm to the bee colonies, and are rejecting honey and other hive products because of their concern for ethics and animal welfare.

British beekeepers, especially small scale beekeepers like myself, would not be able to act in this way without loosing all our colonies.  This would be self-defeating.  If you are concerned, don’t deprive yourself of one of life’s wonders (honey and beeswax products) – buy from your local beekeeper.  Ask then to show you how they look after their bees.  Even consider asking if you could borrow a beesuit and see for yourself.

My local beekeeping association runs courses and offers Taster Days.  If you are interested visit:

Warwick and Leamington Beekeepers


Warwickshire Beekeepers Association